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“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”💫

The wait is over, and the moment we’ve all been eagerly anticipating has arrived!✨

Want to Support TDP? Do you have what it takes to be a Young Professionals for TDP?

TPW The Official Professionals Wing of TDP brings to you an opportunity to be a part of our team and step into a realm where passions are nurtured, talents are honed, and lifelong connections are forged.

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Here, your

Telugu Professionals Wing

Team CHALO__

The TPW internship is a unique and exiting opportunity for young minds to learn the leadership skills and to know about the public policies is the one side of the coin, other side is the interns shall be trained and mentored by the leaders of Telugu Desam party and shall get an opportunity to work with the assigned leader during a given period. Here, the interns shall get ample opportunities to test their ideas and to bring best possible solutions for the leaders as well to the party.

The primary role of an intern is to offer and provide his/her skills, extensive research support and other skillsets passed by the internee to his/her assigned leader depends upon skillset each internee shall play a crucial role to be played when he/she is placed with the leaders. The internees shall constantly engage with policy makers, subject matter experts for various think tanks, academicians from several education institutions and leaders from diverse public policy institutions through participation in workshops, seminars, brainstorming sessions on important issues. The interns may be the deputed to participate in field visits to understand the ground level realities.  


Constructive Curriculum

The Curriculum to be learnt by the intern is carefully crafted and designed in the presence of top leaders of the party.

Inner Circle

The intern selected for the internship shall be benefited by exchanging of his expertise and knowledge with the co-interns and, will be in a position to learn and adopt various leadership strategies by associating with the party leaders as an inner circle member.

Learn with the Leader

The interns shall be in a position to learn various leadership qualities by associating with them as an internal team member of the leader concerned.

Internship Batches

Milestones Achieved...