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Vision Documents

The Blue-Chip Strategies from the Master Mind for Growth and Development

In the endeavor to transform the state into a globally competitive and happy society, the visionary has embarked on scripting Vision documents that lays down the vision encompassing key strategies, targets, and milestones to be one among the top and best State in the country, and eventually becoming the most preferred global investment destination.

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Future ahead

Vision 2050

In 2014, 23 districts of Andhra Pradesh were divided into 2 states as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. In those years Andhra Pradesh state has witnessed severe power cuts of 12 and 8 hours both in villages and towns, people are suffering with viral fevers, stagnated drainages, farmer suicides, low economy, very low employment opportunities. Due to changes in government Andhra Pradesh Vision 2020 was not implemented properly. Andhra Pradesh lost revenue generating engine because of division of state. A lot more difficulties are facing by Andhra Pradesh in those days.

Aside all these hurdles government is committed to convert struggles into opportunities to achieve development track again by founding “Sun Rise Andhra Pradesh”. Government added all the possibilities to achieve inclusive growth by implementing government programs for all the sections of people of AP.

The promised commitment

We can team, think and act inline with the leaders who paved the way.